First week. Loreto :)

Hi, I’m Loreto Ruano, student of the Grade of Mathematics at the University of Salamanca. I decided to apply to this Erasmus+ project because it seems to me an opportunity to meet new people, from different cultures and be able to work on a great project. with a new methodology for me.

When we arrived at the San Joaquin campus on Monday, it was easy to notice the nervousness in everyone, there were a lot of questions to be answered. The presentation talk arrived, the authorities of the university…… We talked about important facts about Chile and were given the projects.

As we have said before, our project tries to maximize the social iterations of the older people.

Besides being a student of Mathematics, she also studied Psychology at the UNED, (National Distance University), so you may think that this subject makes me a lot of to develop it.

As it is going to be every Monday and Wednesday we went to the Catholic University Campus, to the Constanza Miranda’s class, a dynamic subject that deals with how to carry out a project. In this case, on Monday, we learned about how to handle presentations,focus on the idea, the story we want to tell. It was very interesting, the importance that we must give to typography, not over-stimulate the spectator, take into account who is going to see the presentation you are going to make…

On Wednesday, the class had a presentation of the projects carried out by the students, of the course. They have very interesting projects and ideas and the way they present them is going to give us ideas when it comes to our own presentations on this project and in the future.

He arrived on Thursday and we went to another DUOC headquarters, in this case, at the hands of Laura, Andrea and Catalina.

We made some presentation games to see that although we are not of the same culture, we have similar connections and tastes.

Then we got into working groups and did a project development simulation to small scale that made it easier for us to see the work with our group, each one’s skills…20180405_114937

On a personal note, this session was so interesting. I’ve never worked this way before and I find it super gratifying to see how a solution comes out of it. Working in the field together can be achieved.

And here I say goodbye, until next week!

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