Group Report – Week 1

Welcome to this blog. We are group 2 from LA PASSION Project 2018. And you will say… what is “LA PASSION”?

It stands for Latin-America Practices and Soft Skills for an Innovation Oriented Network.

The project will facilitate the exchange of students and researchers from twenty European and American universities, as well as the development of multidisciplinary collaborative projects, the launching of challenges and the creation of entrepreneurial projects. It is the result of the high rates of youth unemployment in the countries participating in the project (Portugal, Finland, Spain, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile), which can be reduced due to training in practices and skills related to innovation and internationalisation.

On Monday, we were in San Joaquin campus in the Welcome talk. They talked about security, earthquakes and the project. Also, they said the topic of our challenge is “Improving conditions for Aging Populations”, with the sub challenge: “To maximize social interaction for the elderly, reducing the risk of experiencing social isolation or loneliness”. After that, we went to the UC campus to a class on how to do good presentations. We learned a lot about typography and how to focus on the idea. Then we went walking, just to see the campus and our working spaces.

On Wednesday, we had class with Constanza Miranda. In the class, we watched presentations of the students. It was interesting to see the progress of their projects and their presentations. We had the chance to see how to make the presentations really simple to understand and we realised how our work going to be.

On Thursday, we went to Antonio Varas campus from DUOC. We started our session with some introduce yourself games, separating us in groups by birthday. After that, we had an activity about our likes and dislikes and our connections with other classmates. Finally, we watched a presentation about how to develop a project. We used what we learned in the presentation to solve a challenge on how to improve the experience of dogs in pet shops. During this activity, we had the chance to know each other and how we work as a group, sharing opinions and different points of view. We also learned that we will be using this methodology in our project.

And that was the report for our first week.

Best, from all of the members of group 2.


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