Personal Experience Report La Passion. Juan José.

Week 1


Hello everyone!


My name is Juan José E. López, I am a student of Engineering in Automotive Mechanics and Autotronics and I like to move in the multiple disciplines. I am a Diplomate in Project Management and I am opting for a Technical Diplomate in Computer Systems too. I’m also in charge of the Marketing area in a company called LopezX4; because I have knowledge and studies in that area too. I must also say that I have participated in multiple international and national events regarding innovation methodologies and applications.


Learning is my passion!


In this first week of “La Passion” course, we were welcome, and the organization explained to us the mechanics and concepts of this event in the DUOC UC auditorium.


After the Inauguration of the event, we moved to the Anacleto Angelini building of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile to take the first class of ING 2004; Design and Systems, by Thinking Lab. In this class, “Narration of stories” and its analogy with graphic novels were exposed. Also we saw techniques to make a good presentation, such as:


  • To know the public in terms of their vocabulary, previous knowledge, topics of interest, points to persuade, etc. The importance of the narrative and the creation of a “common ground” was also discussed.


On the second day of the ING 2004 course, some advanced projects were presented. We saw how the evaluators were and the constructive criticism they received, and in the second half of the class, an exhibition focused on the references and the search for information was made, including talking about Benchmarking.


On the last day of the week for La Passion, a workshop was held at DUOC UC Antonio Varas campus, where we broke the ice and were able to work with our groups in short challenges, practicing techniques such as “Brain Storming“.

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