First Week – LaPassion, by Renato

My name is Renato Milhomem and for the next ten weeks I will be writing about the activities of the LaPassion Chile 2018 project.

Who am I?

Renato Milhomem de Oliveira Filho, student of the Electrical Engineering course at the Federal Institute of Goiás, Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil. He has interests in the area of mathematical and applied mathematical modeling, with a focus on systems, electronics and embedded systems.

 What is the LaPassion Chile 2018 project?

The LaPassion Chile project is a multidisciplinary initiative of the Eramus+ Foundation aimed at training in innovation and entrepreneurship, with the aim of developing ideas, methods, products or services aimed at improving the population’s quality of life.

Why did I apply?

I am a candidate to participate in the project LaPassion Chile 2018 due to its proposal of interdisciplinarity, which I always prioritize in my training as a vector for innovation and creativity in research.

How was the first week of the project?

During the first week of the project, various training and interactive initiatives were promoted among the participants of the LaPassion project.

During the first day the first general meeting of the LaPassion Chile 2018 project team was held, where general information related to the project objectives and work groups was reviewed.


Over the course of the week, we were able to offer training courses to improve presentations by applying Storytelling concepts and to develop and prototype products quickly using PD6 (Product Development in 6 hours).

The classes to improve the presentation using Storytelling, were approached topics on how to make a public presentation and how to plan a presentation considering topics of interest and pressure from the public.

The classrooms for product development and prototyping using the PD6, were approached Benchmarking and Brainstorming strategies for the challenge of developing solutions and improvements in the puppy coughing process.



All the experience with the project has been fantastic for me, because I have learned a lot about entrepreneurship, a deficient area in my training. At the same time as it has been difficult to find new concepts for me, the experience I learned in the LaPassion Chile 2018 project has been extremely gratifying for me and for the institution to which I belong.

See you next week with one more weekly review.



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