Second week. Loreto :D

Hey! Hey! Loreto again.

This week, we are already more immersed in our project.

We start on Monday with a team meeting at 12 noon to establish what to ask the counterpart. Then we had Coni’s class, which the local students presented their marginal practices. It was interesting to see how they identify objects from everyday life with their project, things that have no apparent relation…

Then we got together again to finish what to ask the other side and the first meeting with Pablo Pizarro arrived. Pablo, told us about the Oportunidad Mayor Foundation and what our challenge was. I loved the way he told the challenge, with passion and he passed it on to those of us who were there.

For me it’s a very beautiful and exciting subject. The issue of loneliness in the elderly and seeing that in Chile they have this problem and that there are associations that are trying to change it seems to me something wonderful.

When we left, we were already eager to get started.

The next day, Laura gave us a class on ethnography, we learned different tips for interviews, in general, for the field study. Then we started to define our strategy.

On Wednesday, we rejoined the team to work on the field study protocol, based on the strategy established the day before. Then we had Coni’s class, which was seeing more marginal practices from the local students and she was answering questions. Then we were preparing the presentation we had to make on Thursday. Reading articles and viewing statistics on Chile’s older adults.

On Thursday, we were preparing the presentation and the actors’ map. We started the paperwork so we could go to the interviews.

I hope everything goes very well, see you next week.

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