Second week overtaken!
This week has literally been full of things! Starting on Monday, April 9, where after the class with Coni we had the meeting with our project partner, Oportunidad Mayor Foundation. We spoke with Pablo Pizarro, the person in charge of the foundation, and he told us about the main problems faced by the elderly. He gave us several figures on how they develop in today’s world and how much the advance of technology affects them in their environment. On the other hand, he guided us a little in our challenge as a group, which was good to be able to obtain the main and specific objectives that we want to develop in the project, as well as how we are going to work in the following weeks, around interviews, follow-ups, observations, etc.

On Tuesday I was not able to meet with my group because I have classes at my university, so on Wednesday I learned about all the progress made by my classmates, where I was also able to involve my knowledge of the methods we are using in our research and we were working all day before and after classes with Coni, making protocols, writing down the questions for the subsequent interviews. We also learned how to use the time-sheet for the ethnographic processes involved, which will result in how much time we spend on research. Later on Thursday 12th we had our first presentation with the coordinators: Andrea, Alejandra and Laura, who guided us in order to continue our research in a better way, which appealed to us to focus more on the solitude of the elderly than on the things of their routines and what they expect from their environment.

It was a week full of information and decisions, so next week we must gather all the information that each participant obtained and categorize the information. Next Thursday we will have to deliver the first official report because the results have to be effective in order to continue, otherwise we will have to rethink the main objectives, which is still part of the investigative process.
It is very entertaining to see how we all participate and how each one of us develops, even though I can’t be 100% in class with my classmates, you can see the teamwork that everyone communicates by any means and we can move forward equally.

I hope that this week we will have satisfactory results, we will see how it goes.
See you in the next report,


Bárbara 🙂

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