2° Week by Hellen Fuenzalida

Hi!! This week we had more working and homeworks.

First we had a meet with Pablo Pizarro on the Monday 9th of April. Pablo Pizarro is Director of Planning and Budget in the “Fundación Oportunidad Mayor”. He explained to we the challenge “Maximize the social interaction of the older adult”. Also we talked about the requirements and restrictions of the counterpart. In this topic he said to we that there are not limit in the finally product, we could do a technological tool or a social system for example.

Second we started with the field working. I went to talk with three older adult about your life, pains, what do they think about the loneliness, about the use of tecnology and your support networks.

Now, we will work in the interview transcripts because then we will have do the codification and then get conclusions.

For other hand, I feel happy with team LAPASSION. It is a exellent group for share, work, and know other culture. It is a great experience. Thank you.

I leave images of some of the people interviewed.

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