Second Week – LaPassion, by Renato


It’s me, Renato, and I’m here to talk to you a little more about what happened in the second week of the LaPassion 2018 Chile project.

So, welcome to the week in that we had several trainings! During classes with Cony at UC, we learned about project management and reverse engineering for product development. Various ideas related to scenario and journey maps were approached as an innovative way for thinking and product development. All the concepts presented are new to me, I was not aware of them. Topics on ethnography and qualitative research (QDA) were addressed, highlighting their characteristics and relationships with statistical sense and theoretical research.

I think that all the knowledge exposed this week is essential for who wants to be a good researcher and is contributing a lot to my training.

During the week we met Pablo Pizarro, representative of Fundacion Oportunidad Mayor, who presented the main study statistics as well as the general panorama of our project theme, besides proposing challenges to improve the inclusion of the elderly population in society.


Using the knowledge of ethnography taught, we presented concepts, objectives and planning for field research with elderly people, aiming at identifying aspects such as personal satisfaction, happiness, activities in old age, among others. Field research has started and more than 10 interviews have been conducted.

Between classes and appointments, I went to a Seminar of Mathematical Modeling promoted by the department of Engineering Mathematics of UC, called Multiscale Analysis of Myelinated Axon. I was able to talk to researchers from Sweden, as well as to meet the Mathematical Engineering Department and to meet the university, which was very rewarding. It was the first contact with academic research outside my country.


All the experiences, experiences and opportunities provided by the LaPassion Chile 2018 project have been rewarding and very new, making invaluable contributions to my cultural, personal and professional learning. This experience has changed my life.

See you next week for another review.

Renato Milhomem

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