week 2 of Gonza

Hello!!!!!!!!! Good morning, how are you?

I’ll tell you how it was this week……
We started on Monday knowing that we had our first interview with our counterpart, the people were anxious, and so was I! we had a meeting on the Monday before the class to define what to ask our counterpart where we started to work as a team, as we started to divide up the different tasks and see what next step we needed to take.

The interview was very good, Pablo Pizarro, head of the Fundación Oportunidad Mayor, helped us a lot by telling us what ideas and purposes he had for us, from this meeting we were able to guide us to start the field research.

On Thursday we had our first sample of what we have done so far, after generating the interviews for our users and making the presentation, we had a return of our tutors, gave us a good return on what we had done so far and were able to focus in a better way to make our research more profitable. From that moment on, our plan was to focus on interviews, the task we set ourselves for the weekend was to go out on the streets and interview the older people with whom we had to generate verbal interaction to get information about how they feel.

On the other hand, I can tell you that I am very happy with the team and with the topic we had to deal with, I feel that we are a committed team, as we get to know each other and work together, we acquire more confidence and better empathy among ourselves, I feel that this is of great importance for the group and for the project, and personally it motivates me a lot.
After this brief summary I say goodbye, next week I will continue telling you this story…..
I leave you many greetings

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