Week 3. Loreto

Hey Hey!  Loreto is here again.

I am going to tell you my week.

On Monday, we had Coni’s class, that she  was explain us how to sketch, the tool that we have and so on.

After that, we were planning how to develop the process, and we decided to make card sorting about their conections, based on what the people said in the interviews. Also we make and activity that is called: What do you prefer? It is basically that they have to choose between two options.

On Tuesday, we were taking the breakfast for team one. We were in Andrea’s class, and we learn about how to get the oportunities. After the class we planning the process and we went to the street to make the card sorting and the What do you prefer?


On Wednesday, we had the enterview with Javier, the sociology guy, and then we coding the enterviews, making word and expresions counting, and we develop our insight.

Also on Wednesday, we had an interview with “Fundación Las Rosas”, with the director, and it was really good.

After the interview, we coming back to the Domo, to still working in the presentation that was gonna happened on Thursday. We get our oportunities and finish the presentation, because we had to upload on Wednesday.

On Thursday, we had the presentation, we were a little bit nervious, but we made it, and we are excited to improve our proyect.


On Friday, we went in a Elder adult’s home, and it was a really touching experence for me. We were there for 3 hours and it was really good. I am waiting for the next visit.

So, this is all for the momento.

Have fun in the weekend 😀

See U!

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