Group report – week 3

Hello. Is everything all right?

This week had everything from field work, interviews, analysis, presentations, it was an intense but very good week.

It began on Monday, looking at the interviews each of us did over the weekend and writing them down on a Drive document to share with the group. To start the week off in an orderly fashion, we made a schedule so that we could get there well with the presentation for Thursday. After this we analyzed the interviews to identify the labels we were going to code them with and devise different quick surveys for the next day, the idea was to go to a public health center to do surveys of the elderly. The tools we used were the card sorting and another one we called “What do you prefer?”, based on the methodology of card navigation but adapted to a notebook in which the person had to choose between two options based on the question you prefer.

Tuesday was the day, we met early and walked to the neighborhood polyclinic, we went to ask for permission to do the interviews, but the request was denied, therefore, we stayed outside the clinic, on the street and began to interview the elders inside and outside the place, this day was very good, the people were very receptive to us, this day we managed to do two more personal interviews.

The next day we had to analyze the data, make a common proposal, define the opportunities and make the presentation that had to be delivered before midnight, much for a day! We started the day at 9 am, with a lot of energy, we started step by step with the coding of the individual interviews and the analysis of the quick interviews (the surf card and the one you prefer), which took us a long time but we were able to finish in the afternoon, after the class, To understand it better we began to generate concept maps that allowed us to go deeper, with these two results we were able to continue advancing in the project and find opportunities, it was already late at 8 pm, but we had to finish the presentation anyway, that was not a problem for the team.

The day of the presentation!

We met early in the morning at the dome and began to divide up what each of us was going to say and we studied it, we were the last seconds, the cravings we had were great, we arrived at our turn until now and we stayed calm until we were given our refund, we had not presented part of the process we had done, such as the personal interviews, the coding and the papers we had read, all of which meant that our opportunities did not seem concrete and real, we seemed to have invented them, A pity because all the work we did was not reflected, the team was affected but as the saying goes, a stumble is not a fall so we must raise our heads and correct the mistakes and move on, Being wrong is part of the teaching, from mistakes you learn and that’s what we’re going to do, so next week we’ll be here, counting the events of the week and the resolutions we take based on research, there’s still a long way to go.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-19 at 1.18.12 PM

We’ll say goodbye here until next week.


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