Week #3: Ana

Hello everyone!

This week was very exciting and I’m glad that I learned things I was not expecting. To begin, on Monday, we had class on sketching and designing products. I was super happy to learn about this because although I’m not in the designing field, I really like design and drawing. So you can understand my excitement when I had a class dedicated to this. It’s a really useful tool, especially when the product isn’t defined yet. Drawing the product can help us to have a clear view of what our product is and how it’ll be used. It helps us understand and visualize the applicability of our product in the everyday lives of the people who will use it. In this class, we learned a lot about the materials we can use and, even though there’s a wide variety of great and expensive tools available, we don’t need fancy tools to start drawing. On Monday, we also had team meetings at the Domo, to keep working on our project.

On Tuesday, we had a difference experience: the first team breakfast! I liked how the group organized it. It was a brainfast, so everyone was invited to give suggestions to their project and help that team to find a solution. Also, we had part of the morning to just talk with other groups and share experiences a little. It was good because sometimes we get so caught up in the project that we forget to socialize with our classmates and that they might also have something to offer to our project. After the breakfast we had classes on how to find our opportunities and some tools we could use to get to them. And it was also the day we went to make some interviews! I liked this experience of going to talk with people. It was interesting because some of them were really eager to talk to us, and they had a lot to share and so on, but also, some people weren’t so open, and I think that’s a valid experience too.




Remember the drawings I mentioned earlier? Well, Wednesday was the day for us to see how the groups from Cony’s classes used them to present their ideas and products. I really enjoyed that class. They were not only very talented in their drawing skills, but they also showed their purposes behind their solutions (most of them at least haha). That’s one of the things I like most about Cony’s classes: the quick feedback. I like how she’s always telling the students what they could do better ad why a certain thing they did was not inappropriate. This helps them to see mistakes and avoid them. It’s also good for us, as a team, to see what we should avoid too. Since this was the day before the presentations, we had still a lot of work to do. So we met at the domo to finish everything: the slides, the coding of interviews, the opportunities, and so on. We left late and very tired, but at least we finished and were ready for the big day 🙂

So, it arrived. The day of the presentations. Thursday came and we got to the domo early to prepare and rehearse our parts. We were a little nervous, but we did it anyway. I liked the feedback and corrections that the professors made and told us. It might be a little difficult for most people to hear that some things are wrong, but I think it’s a good opportunity to learn and improve. So, with the feedback we got, I think we can now prepare better for the next presentations. I think it’s gonna be important to practice more and to synthesize all of the important and relevant studies that we do. Overall, I liked very much that day.


Finally, on Friday we went to Fundacion Las Rosas. There we got to observe how the elders live there, what they do, with whom they talk and what their routine is like. It was a very sensitive experience because most of them were just waiting for somebody to come and talk to them, they were just waiting for an opportunity to share with someone, and that was very touching. I noticed that in that place they have all sorts of independence levels and communication skills. I liked to see how some of the elders who are very autovalent help the others there. We also spoke with the people who work there and I was super glad to hear that the place has a lot of volunteers. It’s amazing that so many people want to help them. I did some drawings from the place and people there since we were not allowed to take pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was interesting to see who some of them were sitting near each other, but not talking with each other. However, they were very happy to talk to us. I hope we can get further into this aspect in future visits.



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