Week 3 of Gonza

Hello, people.

How’s everything going?

Another week, another report.

Every week that passes is more intense and leaves us with more teaching, with every week that passes I feel closer to Chilean society, this week I have to do interviews and interact with older people, this week we were in some public places looking for people to give us their opinion and tell us their life stories.

Nothing like an afternoon of chats with strangers who have a lot to tell! After talking to these people you feel good, you feel you have a lot to contribute and a lot to do.

Personally, getting such good feedback on the research we are doing was very good for me, it encourages me to go for more and not stop.  I think it is a project that touches deep within each of us because we all have grandparents, we have parents who are going to be grandparents and in the future we are going to be grandparents. Being with older people who talk to you about their lives allows you to learn and take into account many aspects of our lives that we are not contemplating. I am grateful to be living this experience that allows me to grow as a professional and as a person.

On the other hand, I am going to tell you that the teamwork has been very enriching, the team understands each other, things are talked about, they are asked and they are asked together. This week didn’t have the ending we wanted, after a lot of hard work it turned out that the presentation didn’t reflect all the work we did during the week, this affected us in the return we received from our tutors and of course it also affected our personal energy, In the same way that we knew how to handle this as a group and we know that this type of project has its ups and downs, it is in the descents that we learn the most that we have to take everything with positivism, and in this way we decide to face it.

this week I’m going to close the post with a quote from a well-known Uruguayan band. Greetings to all

“hay que remar igual en subida que en la bajada” (“You have to row the same way uphill and downhill”)

Group: No te va a gustar

Song: cómo brilla tu alma

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