Third Week – LaPassion, by Renato


It’s me, Renato, and I’m here to talk to you a little more about what happened in the Third week of the LaPassion 2018 Chile project.

So guys, another busy week here in Santiago. Another week with wonderful themes to add to our training. With the wonderful teacher Constanza, we learned how to make sketches and how to use the necessary tools to do it well. With teacher Andrea, we learned to analyze and identify opportunities from data collection.

In our project, many advances in solving the main challenge. During the week, we apply qualitative research methods from Cardsorting games and What do you Prefer? to know more about the reality of Chilean elderly adults. Using coding interviews and game results, this approach has helped us to have ideas, insights and identify three opportunities that were presented last Thursday in a presentation.

For me, it has been a very diverse experience and a lot of learning. It was the first presentation in English that I did. I was able to contribute a lot by helping my group, researching scientific articles to support our actions, conducting interviews and games with the elderly, talking, discussing and participating in several important ideas and decisions for the group.

We have received many positive and negative reviews of our work. Well I’m very happy here, especially for the opportunity to learn so many things that I do not know. I believe that all instructors have given their best so that all grow as a team and in a personal way.

Once again I say, how grateful I am for this experience that has made me change my life.

See you next week with the next post.

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