Hey guys! we’re already on week three and it was so INTENSE.

On Monday, April 16, i had my classes early about negotiation and stuffs like that and in the afternoon in the Coni’s class we had see how to sketch an idea. It was really cool because reminded me the first workshop of my career “Representation Workshop” and how to paint, how to use the art marker and the special sheet to draw, this brought me a lot of memories.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-16 at 19.12.06

On Tuesday, April 15, later my classes in Duoc, i had join to my team and we go to the CESFAM of Bellavista on La Florida commune. We had a little problems with the permits, but the person in charge authorized us to interviewing elderly  out of dependence of the institution and we did very well. We had a cardsorting activity and a few interviews and the people was so kind with us.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-17 at 17.20.41

On Wednesday, we meet at the dome and we work ALL DAY in the presentation “GD1”. We analyse the data, i improved the presentation, we agreed on how to divide it up, what we were going to say, etc. Then, DILAB had a lunch for us (pizza!) and they had a moment to talk about decisions of the Major especiality, when the Coni’s class started, Loreto and me had go to the Las Rosas foundation nursing home, to an interview with the household manager and finally we schedule a meet on Friday 20 to observe the behavior of the elderly and to sympathize with them. Later we had back to the dome and keep working on our presentation to the Thursday. We look for the insights of our data analysis and agreed on the opportunities for our challenge.

Finally Thursday, April 19, came and we had so nervous about the presentation, we finish some details and practice our pitch. We didn’t do so well, our research and fieldwork wasn’t reflected in our presentation, but we had things that Catalina liked. So, the next step is review a lot of times our presentation and order the data and information as often as necessary. WE CAN DO BETTER!!!!!

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-19 at 15.38.02

On Friday, some guys of the team go to the nursing home and they make some observations and talk with the older people, i didn’t go with them because i had all day classes 😦 next week we’ll join and talk about it.

The stress is over, at the moment.



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