4 Week

Hey hey, Loreto is here again!

This week, we make a lot of things!!

On Monday, we went to buy fruit and staff for the breakfast, because every week, each team will make a breakfast for the others. Then we went to Coni’s class.

On Tuesday, we get lost to find IF Recoleta, the place that we had the breakfast, we made a game about social interactions and smoothies. Everything was perfect. After that we went to Fundación las Rosas, to make some interviews.

On Wednesday, we went to Fundación Las Rosas again and continue with our interviews.

Then we went to Coni’s class, that was really interesting because they were presenting their proyects, and we could see how the things get the right way.

After that we redefined our opportunities, and we came back home really happy.

On Thursday, we met at the Domo and we work a lot of our proyect.

On Friday, we had a metting with Cata, to show her the proyect and our progress.


Have a nice weekend, I will 🙂

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