Group Report – Week 4

Hello everyone,

We, team 2, will tell and share a little more, as were our experiences and group dynamics in this fourth week of the wonderful LaPassion project.

We begin our Monday fair by learning quickly about how to make a Pitch and its good practices. After classes, Dr. Cony personally assisted us with a review of the opportunities chosen and presented the previous week. Our opportunities were heavily criticized, so the advice was very helpful in redefining them, which makes us very happy.


On Tuesday, our day started very early. And what a day. We organized a breakfast with sandwiches and many tasty ones for all the teams of the LaPassion project in the innovation laboratory IF Recolecta. As breakfast activity, we tried to promote a pleasant game, so that people could get to know each other better, connect with others and share friendship.


On the same day, Andrea promoted with all teams the game “I like, I wish”, in which we said to each other, what we hoped for and what we liked in each member. We think it’s a great way to share with group members what they expect from each other and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the group. All this contributed much to the evolution of our work during the week.


After the activities carried out in the IF Recolecta laboratory, we went to the Las Rosas foundation to interview the foundation’s seniors. We made a first contact with the elderly and we talked to three people. So it is very important to gain their trust. Interviews is the vector provider of our data and it has helped us to redefine and re-analyze our opportunities. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos of the place and the people.

On Wednesday, we returned to the Las Rosas foundation to talk to more people. In these two days, it was more than 8 hours of interview. In the afternoon, we returned to PUC for classes with Dr. Cony. In class, the students presented their projects, the choice of opportunities and the principle of solutions to their challenges.

After class, we worked on our challenge, discussing the planning of activities for Thursday and sharing our personal impressions of the interviews.

On Thursday, we worked hard on our challenge by discussing the interview results a little more, reworking our opportunities, searching the archetypes, elaborating our evaluation criteria and defining the timeline and preparing our presentation for next Thursday, which will show the focus of our field research.


On Friday we need a meeting with prof. Cata, who helped guide us on the chosen opportunities and give tips for our next presentation, which will take place next Thursday (03-05).

In all activities, all members of the group have learned and trained their personal skills. More than the social role that the LaPassion project has, this experience is unique and has been very important for the life of the participants.

See you next week!

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