Week #4: Ana

As we were told, things are narrowing down to a converging point. We saw it this week with all the work we did and the things we learned.

On Monday, we had a feedback session with Cony. I really appreciate sessions where we can learn about what we can improve and fix. After that, we worked on our project to adequate things to what she told us. We made good progress.

On Tuesday, it was our time to host the breakfast. So we got to the place early and started getting everything set. We had a little game with people to have them talk with each other. It was just to show them what our challenge is about: maximizing social interactions. After the breakfast, we worked again on our opportunities, this time under Andrea’s supervision. Finally, we went to Fundacion Las Rosas to make some interviews with the elders and workers there.

We went to Fundacion Las Rosas again on Wednesday morning to try to talk again with the workers. Instead, we continue to interview the same lady from the day before: Elena. We think it’s better to build a connection with the people before asking them very personal questions about their feelings, so that they might be more sincere about it. Later, after class, we worked more on the project, getting things ready for next week’s deliverable.

Thursday morning we came out with our new opportunities (finally!) after working on them almost all week. And we also did more work for the deliverable 2. We divided some tasks and worked there together.

We had a meeting with Catalina on Friday morning, to ask for her feedback on the new opportunities. This was very valuable because she gave us even more tips on how to improve our work. I think we’re now much more evolved since the last presentation.

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