I forgot to upload my report! but here’s what happened the week before:

On Monday the 23rd, we had classes with Coni in the dome, which was very good to be able to continue advancing in the challenge. Coni helped us along with Leo and Pablo to improve our chances and guided us through the next steps after our somewhat “failed” presentation the week before. They advised us to look for more agents involved in the stage of life in which we are focusing (the elderly), as caregivers, nurses and also to focus on our primary user who are isolated or lonely older adults. Then a presentation was made on how to approach the process after choosing the best opportunity and what steps to take with group 3, which was super good and necessary for all the groups.

On Tuesday breakfast was held at IF Blanco, but I couldn’t participate as I had another project presentation that day with my Duoc team and the rest of the day classes, but guys told me it was very good! They liked the breakfast we chose (a pity that I missed it) and the activity they did later was also pleasant to everyone, it consisted of 4 questions about tastes or interests for 4 people and the conclusion of the game was that we are all related after all by the answers that came out and finally there was a group activity where they had to say good things and things to improve each member, but the bad thing is that not all the group was 😦
Later in the afternoon part of the team went to the home of Fundación Las Rosas and I did a couple of interviews on the other side.

On Wednesday, I went out to do some fieldwork and did a couple of interviews with some elderly caregivers, which helped a lot to triangulate the new information we were getting and guys went home of Fundación Las Rosas again. In the afternoon, we had classes with Coni, where the class groups presented their developed solutions. After the class, we worked on the dome, agreed on what we had to do and rethought a couple of opportunities after analyzing the data from the interviews we had done until that day.

On Thursday to finish, we had a review with Andrea who advised us to rephrase our opportunity prayers because they seemed like solutions, so we continued working on that that day. We felt a little overwhelmed because we didn’t get what we wanted to get ahead of ourselves, so we had a couple of problems getting organized again, that day we got together as a group and discussed key things that were affecting us as a group so after that meeting and have some time to relax, we worked better, with new ideas. We formulated the context maps of the opportunities and prepared the outline of our presentation; then we talked about the best opportunity to work on it but concluded that we needed a review of the progress we had made during the afternoon so that on Friday, Hellen, Ana and Renato went to a new review with Professor Cata and guided us on how to choose the opportunity.

That in a few words 🙂
We continue to iterate in the process so we learn and constantly challenge ourselves after each advance we make.



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