week 4 of Gonza

hello people

this week was full of activities

We started on Monday, after shopping for breakfast scheduled for Tuesday, then we had an opinion from Constanza in our previous presentation, with this opinion we started to reformulate the opportunities and see what we needed to strengthen them. for this reason we decided to devote Tuesday and Wednesday to generating much more concrete interviews

On Tuesday we had to get up early to have lunch and prepare it before everyone arrived, we went to IF Blanco Recoleta, the space of the Water Laboratory, a new place that took longer than we thought to get there, this day we developed a dynamic among our colleagues from Lapasión regarding our research topic on maximizing social interactions, I think the breakfast and dynamics were very good and allowed us to have a nice time together. After this the team of teachers prepared a group dynamic that was very enriching for the team, the idea was to make positive and negative comments about our colleagues, I liked the dynamism very much but it was a shame that the whole team was not there to do it. That same afternoon we went to the Las Rosar Foundation to interview the elderly, on Wednesday we continued with these interviews, and in the afternoon we shared them.

Thursday was the day to generate the opportunities again, the whole team was working all day to generate these opportunities, in the afternoon break we set out to do the same team dynamics mentioned above with colleagues who could not be at the breakfast, this decision was very good because we were all there.

The team has been left with the resolution of some of the opportunities, so we ask for an individual correction of the team with some of the teachers, this will allow us to better focus our opportunities.

We are concerned that the project is going well, we know that we are halfway through the established timetable but we have the energy to do so, we plan to go ahead and prepare for the next presentation.

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