Reflection week. #5 Loreto

Hey hey, Loreto is here again!

I am a very perfectionist and fragile person when someone criticizes my work. I have always been like this and although I take things with a different attitude now, there are many times when everything that is said about my work affects me on a personal level.

It’s been a very short week, but it started out intense. We had a meeting that we thought was to evaluate our three opportunities but returned to a meeting with the three teachers and the sociologist. At this meeting they were told many things that helped me realize that we need to expose more our work.

I have a problem with the subject of work, I don’t like to show that I work a lot or a little, I just want things to be perfect. Many times when you put a lot of effort and dedication into things and are told otherwise, your motivation can be damaged.

Even so, after that meeting, we went deeper into preparing the presentation, being very aware of what we were doing, being very careful in everything, working together for the same goal.

The day of the presentation came and strangely enough I was very positive, accepting that if the feedback they were going to give us, whether it was good or bad, we were going to use it to improve.

When we finished, I knew I’d made it. I know I have no problem with English, maybe I lack vocabulary, but I said exactly what I wanted to say, not like the last presentation, since time did not play in our favour in that case. This time, English was not a problem and everything flowed perfectly.

The congratulations of the jury were a great reinforcement and it is appreciated that people see that you are doing things well.


From here, I want to thank Jesus, from team 3, because he is a wonderful person who has helped me these last two weeks not to give up.


So now what? Now to continue working for the people behind the project.


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