Group post week #5

The week # 4 we worked in the GD2. The GD2 was about the Field Focus Research, in this we presented the opportunity that we choose, the new field focus research with the protocols and new insights found in the interviews. Then we presented the archetypes and journey map, in this tools we can see the different types of older adult according their life, motivations and penalties. For last we showed three solutions for the opportunity.

Our opportunity is “Prevent elders from feeling isolated and being inactive after retirement due to the loss of work relationships and the increased amount of free time that they have.”

For other hand we had a meet with the teachers because we have had some problems about the organization. In this delivery we work much better, and in this next week we are organizing to work from before. Since tomorrow we will work in the GD3, this is about the solution and mock up.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-06 at 8.36.09 PM.jpeg

Photo: Meet after presentation GD2. We are analyzing the feedback of our classmates.

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