week 5 of Gonza


Hello, people.
Here I am writing again
That same afternoon we tried to finish the presentation, but we couldn’t, so we divided things up and in the early hours of the morning everyone from each one’s house took care of finishing their part. The next morning we had to develop the solutions and finish the presentation, so while part of the team was in charge of finishing and studying the presentation, the other part was working on the solutions that were the last step in order to present them. Once this was done, we presented the solutions to the rest of the team, deliberated whether they were right or wrong and 15 minutes before the start of the presentations we finished, and presented

One of the things that enriched us as a team this week was the meeting we had with the lapassion teachers, we talked about the integrity of the team and how we have been going, the reality was that we were not acting as we should and the teachers were worried, we had already talked about this issue before, within the team but still talking to the teachers was good.

This stage of the work was very intense due to many aspects, but we reflected that we were able to talk about them and overcome them and this was demonstrated in the presentation, for this presentation we had to continue investigating and modifying everything since the last presentation, a lot of work that we managed to do and present.
All right, I’ll see you next week.



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