Renato’s Sandwich Week :) > #4 and #5


It’s me, Renato, and I’m here to talk to you a little more about what happened in the fourth and fifth week of the LaPassion 2018 Chile project.

First of all, I want to apologize for not posting anything last week. I forgot. But I think it was good because the fifth week was very short due to the holiday. Now we can talk about the two (like a ‘Sandwich’ haha) and especially the fifth week of project, which was fast, but with hard work
So let’s go back to the fourth week. Week of learning, relaxation and work as well.

I learned in class, on good Pitch practice and how to do it. Professor Cony helped a lot, on the same day, making an important analysis of the opportunities chosen by the group, which helped a lot to redefine them.

We also offer a breakfast for all of the LaPassion project at IF Recolecta, which was accompanied by a dynamic to promote friendship among project members.

We did the dynamic “I like, I wish”, a very professional way of sharing and knowing the qualities of the group, in addition to each one personally, to know in what can improve as a person in favor of group work. To me, they said that I have to improve my group behavior, think more in group. I think it’s fair and it’s just one more thing I’m learning from my group, from several. I’m trying to be better.

During the fourth week, we went twice to Las Rosas Foundation to do interviews with the foundation’s seniors and talk to people. In addition to providing the data we need and helping us shift the focus of our opportunities, the social role behind the visits was very important to me. I promised Mr. Francisco, I’ll be back to do a guitar concert.
By the end of the fourth week, we worked hard discussing ideas and personal impressions of interviews, redefining our opportunities, building archetypes, and planning all the details (storytelling, timeline) of the GD2 presentation.
Specifically on the Friday of the fourth week, we had our fifth week work plan and our opportunities. We held a meeting with Cata on the same day, and it was very enlightening to me, as I had not yet understood the meaning of an “opportunity.”

Then I worked on a personal project (Course Completion Work), in which I tried to merge the traditional scientific methodology with the product and solution development model proposed by the LaPassion project. Moment of learning for me, once again I was able to effectively apply the methods taught. This project as you can see, have a relationship with Mathematical Modelling (Fractional Calculus).

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Well we had everything planned for next week. Despite the long holiday, the fifth week has already begun intense. Due to the result of GD1 and other problems, Cony, Cata and Andrea called us to talk and advise us. All done in a very professional way and I think it helped a lot the group. (P.s: not enough a meeting a little tense, have to have an earthquake together to improve everything hahahaha).
In short, after this meeting we worked with everything to give our best in GD2 as a group. We analyze the field research done, the new opportunities, ideas, possible solutions, archetypes, mental maps and everything necessary to GD2.

Good this time, hard work made up for it. We get better feedback than GD1 in this GD2 at last Thursday, which makes us more motivated to keep working. I believe that now, we are regular and on the right track. I know that we need to work very hard! We analyze after, all the feedbacks that many teams did about our ideas, presentation, etc.

As a member of the group, I feel happier because I am now more aware of everything we are doing and can contribute more to the group.
So folks, that was the experience of the last two weeks. What did you think about this post? Leave a Reply 🙂

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