WEEK #5 – Bárbara

What a week! It was very intense but veeeeery productive!
After a long weekend, where many could rest… for me it was the opposite haha, after my not free Monday 😦 (very sad) on Tuesday with Hellen we were able to reorder all the research from the opportunities and edit everything we had been pointed out in the last reviews, which was very good because we could focus on what really mattered to us… the great GD2! On Wednesday, we were all already connected to the topic after reading the step by step of what we had done on Tuesday, and we worked so hard that we flew all day, literally and we almost slept in the hahaha dome, we organized ourselves as never before and divided the functions that each of us would fulfill in this stage, which was a good tool to achieve everything we had to do (focus fieldwork, new opportunities, maps, personas and possible solutions).

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-03 at 01.28.03

Also on that day we had a meeting with our teacher guides, about some problems that were being seen as a group, but that finally could be solved in time and served as an encouragement to start again in social terms of the group.

Finally, on Thursday, the big day of GD2, we finished some details of the presentation and explained all the research.
We felt very comfortable and confident as a team, and we were also congratulated after the presentation of the challenge.
For this new stage to come we were able to focus beyond the good things we had done, as our goal now is: it’s never enough, so we got together to share the messages that our teammates from other teams gave us to be able to improve in the next stage.

After that, I was able to sleep all the sleep I hadn’t slept in the previous days! :p

pd: we realized that without cookies, we are nothing. WE LOVE THEM!


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