Week 6. Loreto :)

Hey hey hey! Loreto is here again.

This week we had an important appointment on Thursday, we had the presentation of our work to the counterpart: Fundación Oportunidad Mayor.

On Monday, we went to a robotics workshop, they were showing us how the robotics competitions worked and what were the parts of the robot …

Then we went to Coni’s class and saw some of the sketches her students had done.

Coni recommended that the Mandela boys use finite elements to observe the stresses of their prototype. I offered to help them, since I took a module in one of the subjects of my career.

Then we continued working on our presentation on Thursday, modifying and perfecting what we had already worked on.

On Tuesday, we had breakfast for team 3 and it was fun, because we did a dynamic of making a tall tower with spaghetti and thread. Afterwards, we were given a detailed description of what we had to do for the presentation and we continued to work on it.

On Wednesday, we met soon in the dome and finalized details, making two more solutions than we had, to also offer them to the counterpart, making the map of solutions.

Then we had the Reverse Engeniering class and thanks to the fact that the Mandela boys left us a microwave, it was a great experience.

On Thursday, Ana came to my house in the morning to prepare the presentation, since it was only 3 minutes and we had to measure the time very well.

Then we arrived at IF Recoleta, prepared everything, moved the tables, set up the posters and started. Everything went fantastic and the counterpart gave us great feedback. So I’m very happy right now.

I forgot to mention, Constantino Martins from Portugal and Emilio Corchado from Spain came this week.

On Friday, we went to the lunch organizated by the pioneering week and had lunch with a lawyer and two kids who were still in high school who had finished second in a robotics contest in USA.

And today, Saturday, is a day of rest, of organization and of course of watching Eurovision!

Love 😊

See you next week.


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