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The previous week we were able to work on what corresponded to the exploitable opportunities of our project, in fact, we were somewhat behind the rest of the teams. However, through the group activities (which I posted on this blog) we were able to get a better grip on the team and the pace of the situation. The previous context led us to consider a series of possible solutions on which we worked all week identifying the actors and processes involved in these solutions. All of the above helped us to determine that, from among the solutions we had, we had to apply a series of criteria to choose one in the most objective way possible, these criteria were:

  • The solution must be simple to implement, bearing in mind that the opportunity is focused on an interval of users between active/working and retired workers.
  • It must be intuitive, that is, facilitate learning and usability of the solution taking into account the user’s previous experience with the technology.
  • Simple and quick to use.
  • Secure, bearing in mind that sensitive data would be handled.
  • Adaptable for different types of users, as well as different types of needs and devices.
  • Allow active connection between active and retired workers.
  • Be technically feasible and implementable with the available technology.

It is interesting how all these requirements led us to combine some proposals to converge in a solution: “Create an online service that offers activities to the elderly, with the aim of creating a habit of social commitment before retiring in order not to lose their work connections and make new connections”.

This solution is fascinating, as it strives to prevent the loss of connections and commitment to social activities, thus attacking social isolation and loneliness.

It should be noted that the first impulse to use such a service is merely one of “cost”, since energy, technique and tactics must be invested to attract users to use the application and motivate them (as gamification techniques), in order to generate a kind of awareness and culture of sharing.

What will the testing and prototyping stage bring?

Until the next post!

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