Week #5 by Hellen

Good afternoon!!! The last week was very nice because we had great results with our counterpart. First, on Monday Bárbara and me went to Coni’s class, in this I learned how to do a prototype of movil aplication. I used it then to do our first mock up. Then with the all group went to the “domo” to work in the GD3. In that moment we work in the solution and journey map.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we worked in presentation and I did the first mock up of our solution. We have three solutions but we choose one of them. The solution is “Create an online service that offers activities to elders, aiming to create in them a habit of social engagement before retirement, so as not to lose their work connections and make new ones.”1-01.jpg

Figure: Mock up solution.

On thursday we presented to counterpart our work on April and May. In this presentation we showed our conclusions, opportunity, solution and mock up. Then we had a conversation with the counterpart. She was very happy with the project and the municipalities need just what we are creating because the municipalities always seek to reach all older adults. In this conversation the main conclusions were:

  • Not force them to use the application before to retirement because this is how a judgment.
  • Not make them feel how elders because they do not like it.
  • That the municipalities are our main stakeholders.
  • To give the opportunity to older adult or any person to create activities in the application, and then to give a clasification.


Picture: group 2 in the conversation with the counterpart Fundación Oportunidad Mayor in the IF Recoleta.

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