Week #6: Ana

This week was full of excitement because we had a huge presentation to our counterparts and to the coordinators of the Lapassion Project, so we worked a lot to deliver our best and to show all the work that we’ve been doing.

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 18.56.09

A imagem pode conter: 3 pessoas, pessoas sorrindo, pessoas em pé, pessoas dançando e área interna

We worked on key aspects, such as the time. At first, we were very worried about the 3 minutes maximum of the presentation, but after working on it for a while, we got it all figured out. Also, it was good to learn more about what we should include and leave out. On our meetings during the week, we worked on the feedback we’ve received from previous presentations and sessions.

This week also we had a different class, about reverse engineering. It was interesting, and personally, it was also very cool to open something and see how it works on the inside. As a child, I always loved doing that, and it was good to do such a nostalgic activity.

Some of the other activities we had in this week were a robotic workshop and an innovation exposition. It was so interesting to see so many other projects and ideas, and how they are working on these ideas. I believe that by the end of the project we are going to get to that point as well. Go team 2!


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