Week 6, by Renato



Here is Renato and I will tell you what happened in our sixth week of Lapassion Chile 2018 project.

We learn about marginal practices of sketches and reverse engineering.

We attended a prof. Cony, in which the students showed the first material idealizations of their ideas, generated throughout the project process. I was able to help a group with the Finite Element Simulation part.

We did a reverse engineering exercise in dismantling a microwave and we had to explain all of its functioning, as well as to relate how your engineering could contribute and our current project.

I was happy because as I have extensive practice in maintenance of equipment and laboratory, I was able to help my group working fast and contributing in time for everything to happen faster.

I could also contribute by sharing the detailed explanation of the microwave parts, since they were not all that they knew. I also helped other groups dismantle their things. Very rewarding moment.

We developed our presentation, which consisted of a 3-minute PITCH, in which we presented our counterpart (Fundación Oportunidad Mayor), our whole idea.

We work hard developing our ideas for solution, performing mockups and thinking concepts (solution maps).

I’m happy because I helped my group by contributing to GD3 with new ideas, thinking, designing and discussing solution maps, analyzing data (frequency analysis of word categories quoted in wtmts), and others.

I see that the group is increasingly integrated and I am happy about it. Every Wednesday, we have our group breakfast, an initiative to get together and help keep the group together.

We receive positive feedback from our counterpart. We are happy but it is not time to celebrate. We have a lot of work to do yet.

See you next week! LEAVE YOUR COMMENT.

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