Hello!!!!! Week 6…. there is nothing left to finish this project, time is flying by 😦 but it was a very good week, we were able to entertain ourselves and not be so stressed by the project, now the advances are a little more fluid as we already went through the most cumbersome.

On Monday we saw the results of the prototypes of the Coni class teams, where we showed the whole process we have been part of in the presentations they have made, a good job, and where we could also take notes that we can include them in our solutions. Then we worked on the dome, our second home (and I say second because although I study at Duoc I spend much more time at the Catholic university than at my campus haha) and we agreed on what we needed to do and divide our tasks.
On Tuesday I was able to go (finally!) to a LAPASSION breakfast, where Andrea told us what the presentation of Thursday would be like (GD3) and also that day we were able to share with 3 guest teachers from Portugal and Spain. We also had a review of the solution we were developing and put some more ideas in order for me to continue working in the afternoon, I had to retire and go to my classes in San Carlos de Apoquindo and do my duty.

Wednesday was a more relaxed day, we were able to have breakfast as a group and again invoked our favorites: cookies (we had so many that we lasted all day and we didn’t want any more in the evening), and we were able to move forward with what we had left and prepare the next day’s presentation that was much more relaxed than the previous ones (we could realize that after having exposed it because even before we did it we were stressed, this was never for hahaha).


We were also able to de-stress ourselves by disassembling technological devices (microwave and cellphone) that were related to our project since the microwave was like a time machine where the grandfather came and went, renewed and with a desire to share and enjoy, and the cellphone was a contribution to our solution since it is a great tool to be able to use it in the testing process.


Finally, on Thursday I’ll finish the details (which for a perfectionist like me are never all covered) and get to IF Blanco and be able to lower the revolutions before presenting. The atmosphere that was formed was ideal, to share with the other guys and also with the teachers in a less formal way, to show everyone what we have been able to develop (each group) and to enjoy this beautiful process in which we find ourselves. After this there was good news, our partner helped us a lot to guide our solution and loved it! so we are very happy with all the effort and work we have done, where there have been fights, laughter, tiredness, group conversations… and all to achieve what we could finally present. At this stage of the project I consider myself paid, to be able to get to know so many cultures, to have to work with other disciplines (which has not been easy), to prove to myself what I am capable of and so many other things!

To finish…. it was a good week and we’re better prepared for what’s coming.

pd: i was so sleepy that when we left with my friend (team 3 member) we took the wrong route on the subway and got to the end of the line! We needed to sleep, but it was important to eat pizza that  day hahaha.



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