A good week, where we started on Monday by looking at the solutions of Coni’s class projects, ideas and very diverse and interesting prototypes, where we were able to get some references for our solutions. On Tuesday at the team #3 breakfast we were able to review our solution in part, together with Andrea, and also share with the teachers from Portugal and Spain who came to participate a few days with the LAPASSION group and see the projects that are being developed. That same day and all Wednesday we were working on and improving our solutions, understanding them from other points of view in order to be able to approach them and select the most suitable one for Thursday’s presentation. Also on Wednesday (during Coni’s class schedule) we were able to get our hands dirty as we all like and disassemble technological products that were related to our project, we chose a microwave (in bad condition) and a cell phone to see its components and as all the pieces are essential for its complete and optimal operation. It was very entertaining because it reminded us all of something different, especially when we were children and disassembled things together with our parents or relatives, or in the process of our professions, where the most praised was Renato, nicknamed: RENATOR (Renato-Terminator), since we discovered a facet never seen before during these months. haha.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-09 at 16.31.17

Finally, on Thursday, where we were able to introduce our counterpart, with a new advisor (we finally got to know her) and talk about how we could go deeper into our solution, which left us very satisfied with what we had done because she gave us very good advice and data to follow and the relationship was also very entertaining and enjoyable. Afterwards we were able to relax (although we already were, given the opportunity) and enjoy some delicious pizzas and laugh with all the participants of this great project we are involved in. It is always good to have moments of relaxation…. life is not as hard as we often think we see.


Soon a new week begins with new challenges to cross out!
See you later!

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