week 6 of Gonza

Hello people

This way I’ll talk to you again.

this week was very good, we started the week looking at the solutions, Monday Tuesday and Wednesday were days in which we were totally dedicated to investigate and see what were the possible solutions for our opportunity, we went through many ideas and many comings and goings thinking that the solution was the best one to present on Thursday, this same day (Wednesday) we had a class in which we disassembled objects to analyze and see how they were composed, it was very fun because the activity was very different from what we were doing and we could see our teammates outside the activity and the context where we always relate.

Arriving on Thursday, we dressed almost formally and went straight to the Recollect FI to present our proposal to our counterparts.
After the presentation our counterpart gave us a very good return and was very interested in the project and the proposal.

Personally this allows me and the team to move forward with more impetus, it is a project which is becoming increasingly important, more forceful and this type of feedback makes the team proud that it is taking the right steps and is motivated, as a team I see that we understand each other more and more, we get to work together as a team as well as separate or sub teams, this is very good because it allows things to be done faster and working hours are much more efficient.

For the moment I leave you this brief review, next week this story will continue.

See you soon, greetings

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