Group Report – Week 7

Hello, everybody!

This week has been different from the others, even in a more relaxed perspective (which would not mean that there would be absolutely no complications). It was a week marked by the models and their results being tested by each of us. In total we made three models of which each member of the group contributed different perspectives and approaches to the application, from the conservative point of view, to make a similar bet to Uber’s, all of the above in order to know the reaction of the elderly with each of the four proposals.

The most difficult part at the time of the trial was the abstinence of seniors who had already retired early to try the application, but, on the contrary, seniors who were still active but were close to retirement were more reluctant to participate with us. This in some ways reaffirms the chosen opportunity, as it is somehow giving way to working with and preparing the elderly for retirement, so that they do not lose their activity and are less likely to be driven into isolation.

Some images


The main aspects to be tested were three:

  • Aesthetic Testing
  • Interface Design Testing
  • Function Testing Location 

The number of participants in the mockup testing process was forty-five people, ranging in age from forty-five to eighty years. In addition, the process took place in six different parts of Santiago.

After some proposals and the creation of the mock-ups the focus was on analyzing the data obtained to converge into a single application, however, Thursday’s presentation allowed us to realize that we needed to further refine the proposed solution, because this was in a very general way when talking about the creation of a “system” when in fact we are focusing our efforts on an application.

Overall it was a good week, a relaxed week to go with everything to face next week……
…we expect you in the eighth week.

See you in the next post!

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