It was an Interesting Week

This week was more relaxed than previous weeks in many ways, however, this was somewhat offset by the fact that it was somewhat difficult to test applications or mockups for older adults. However, it was a very marked attitude of retirees, I associate with the fact that they are people who are no longer subject to any kind of need to learn anything else, that is to say, it is not essential for them to learn to use a smartphone (for example) because they no longer have anyone to demonstrate these skills to (I mean that it no longer serves them as a competitive advantage in the workplace where they have worked). However, it is also interesting to note that older adults who are active in the labour market (although they are only a few years away from retirement) are more participative in the process, which implies that our solution can be well directed and be a link between pre- and post-retirement (in terms of activity).

Another fact that marked my week was the trip to the doctor on Thursday, because I have been sick for many weeks with a rather thick cold. Now I’m taking medication but I haven’t seen any improvement (it’s already Saturday), so I’m thinking of going back to the doctor. The fact that I am sick worries me, and I call on foreigners to take care of their health, to be careful, because many friends and family members, and their relatives, are sick, some of them going out, others going in, others taking months, so there seems to be some illness related to the flu, which although it is not disabling or fatal at all, if it becomes very annoying and uncomfortable.

Well, having said goodbye asking you to be careful when it comes to illness, we’ll be reading about it in the next post.

Until week eight!

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