It’s been 7 weeks now, there’s really nothing left to finish this project that has me on edge all the time, but despite the stress and my red eyes constantly (I don’t want more computer in my life!!!) I don’t want it to end! I got used to getting together with my crazy group, full of cultures, fighting, laughing, eating lots of cookies, etc…. I will really miss them at the end of this process, but well…

This week I was a little more distant, because the deliveries of works in my institution started but still on Wednesday I came back with everything to test the mockups we proposed and it went quite well, In my case, I went to the Municipality of Macul and received many congratulations for creating something for the elderly, even if it was a little more technological but that future generations were already trained for it so it would be super useful and practical.

This is the Municipality of Macul (commune where the university is located). I couldn’t take pictures because I used my own cell phone for testing:(  but my teammates tried their best, until Loreto who was lame haha

After the Coni class where the teams presented the test of their mockups, we were able to fine-tune the details for Thursday’s presentation and finally show the GD4: test + mockup, we did quite well, we received advice to better complement our ideas and land a little more (to reality) what we are creating.

We are in a stage of fine-tuning and fine-tuning details but happy with the results we are getting, we are going from strength to strength!!!


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