Week #7 by Hellen

Hello!! Good night!! I am in the middle of the semester, this last time I have had to little sleep because I have many tasks and tests, but I am happy because I have had good califications (never so good either jaja).

In the last week we worked in the GD4, for this we worked in the mock ups and testing. On Wednesday we planned what to we want to test, for this we did three mock ups with different objectives. Then on Tuesday we work separately in the mock ups, I, Renato and Anna did one, Gonzalo and Bárbara did others mocks up. We have a mock up to testing what design to older adulto prefer (more technological or simpler), the second mock up is to test the sizes of letters and buttons, typographies and colors, the third mock up is to test the function special of transport in the application. For last on wednesday and thursday Loreto, Juan josé, Anna, Gonzalo, Renato and Bárbara went to test (I can not go because I had test). Bárbara and me worked in the presentation.

The day of presentation we had good comments about solution but we have to improve the definition of solution, details of interaction between actors and do the prototype.


Pictures of the teacher feedback.

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