Week #7. Loreto :)

Hey Hey! Loreto is here again!

This week has been different than the others.
On Sunday back home, I sprained my ankle. That’s why I was recovering Monday and Tuesday, helping the team as much as I could in the distance. Wednesday was an intense day, as Ana and I went to test to Fundación las Rosas, with bad results, neither at home nor in the street wanted to take our mobile phone. The rest of the guys he tested that day, they did better than us. Then we went to Coni’s class, where her students were exhibiting exactly the mockups, so that class was a big help.
After his class, we went to the dome and structured the mockups we already had well and made a new one to test the aesthetics of the application.
On Thursday morning, we went back to testing and then at 11 am we met at the dome to finish the conclusions of our testing and prepare well for the presentation.
The feedback they gave us from GD4 was good and they gave us some tips for improvement and some questions that will have to be answered during week 8.
Thank you so much for reading me,
I hope to see you next week.


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