Week #7 – Ana

This week we needed to develop our prototypes, and oh god, wasn’t it hard. We didn’t know how to do the mockup of our solution, so we decided that it would be the mockup of the application we intend to develop.

It took us some time to figure out how to make three different mockups. We decided that we would firstly define all the things we wanted the mockups to have and then we split the designs among ourselves, so each work would result in a prototype different. So, we mapped the flow of our application, and the screens and the functions we would include in the test.


So, after this, I started making some research about applications for elders, which inspired the design I did for the test. In this mockup, we tried to test a more non linear navigation format.

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 22.00.44

But figuring out how to do a mockup wasn’t nearly as difficult as trying to make people test it. It took us a lot of patience and puppy eyes to ask people to simply use it. But in the end, we had some brave ones that helped us and gave us some feedback for the presentation. Then, all we had to to do was present it on the deliverable.


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