week 7 of Gonza

hello people

I’m going to tell you how he was this week.

This week we worked a lot on the mockups of our platform and on analysing how the user interacts with the prototypes.
We managed to generate different prototypes to test with people and have them decide on visual, interactive and functional details of our platform. Our idea is to be able to analyze user interface issues

Thanks to this resolution that we took to generate a virtual platform I was able to learn how to use the app simulation tool. Which I knew existed, but I had never proposed to use them because I never had a project of this kind to develop.

After presenting the progress to the teachers we had a good return. From now on we must focus on improving our functionality and our ideation of the platform so that users feel more comfortable to use it and that it is more intuitive.

The team continues to work with effort and perseverance to move the project forward, there are many things to do and little time left, but it is a matter of making further progress on the research and implementation of the interface.

I’ll leave you here, until the next post.





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