Week #8 – Ana

This week we made a lot of important decisions about our project. After the weekly breakfast, we went into a journey of brainstorming and definitions and details of our solution with Andrea. It was a very intense day, with lots of new inputs and feedback from our peers from other groups. Luckily, we had new points of view to consider and to improve.

Then, we had a feedback session with Catalina, where she made us some questions about the solution and made us think about it more thoroughly. Again, we took this feedback, and rethought these details for our solution. Later, we had a session with Constanza, and new inputs and insights to consider. So, with these different ideas, we decided to go to a quick fieldwork again, to investigate if people think about retirement, and if it affects them in a way to maybe cause even anxiety.

Finally, we had a great workshop about storyboarding. Personally, I am very interested in this topic, and anything that is somehow related to animation. So, it was amazing to hear from somebody who works in this area some tips for our presentation. It is very important to understand our ideas and to be able to present them in an involving storytelling presentation, so that people can be as excited about it as we are.

That was it for this week,



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