Week #8 by Hellen

Hello good night!! We are in the final stage of the LAPASSION project. There are only two weeks until the final “Demo Day”. For me the time went by very fast because the work has been very intense, with deliverables every week. Also, I have had an intense semester with tests almost every week, and homeworks and projects. When the project finishes I will have special feelings because I met new people and it is probable that I will not see them again. This has been a great experience. I am happier because I met good people, each with different dreams but at the same time like me.

The last week we work in the prototype, we define the details of the interaction between the participants and we did more interviews to know the user’s drivers. I could not work much last week because I had deliverables in other courses and a test (for which I had to study a lot). This coming week again I will havea test but I will be more available.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-23 at 5.38.21 PM       Picture: Group in the domo with feedback of Coni.

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