Week 8. Loreto :)

Hey hey, Loreto is here again.

We only have two weeks left on our project. Who knew it’s been eight weeks already?

Time passes too quickly and we don’t realize it. We have made a lot of progress within the project.

Personally, I am aware of the personal progress I have made during these eight weeks.

Now I begin my weekly summary.

On Tuesday, we had a brainstorming day, where all the colleagues gave us feedback on the project and answered one of our most important questions about the project.

On Wednesday we had a feedback session with Catalina and she gave us some questions to work on.

After Coni’s class, she told us things to consider and that session helped us a lot.

From there, we worked hard to keep answering our questions and work on developing our app well and how it will be the service we will offer.

On Friday, we had a storyboarding session and it was very interesting.

This is being very intense, so we will continue to work hard to achieve our goal without forgetting that we are working with people.

I’ll see you next week.


¡Ya no queda nada, chicos! ¡A por ello!

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