Group Report – Week 8


We are the team 2 and we will tell and share a little more, as were our experiences and group dynamics in this eighth week of the wonderful LaPassion project.

This week, we’re working on getting ready for the demoday, which will be in two weeks. The week was quieter as we did not have to make presentations. So we had more time to improve our mockup’s according to the seventh week’s feedback and prepare for the final presentation with a final prototype.

Well the project is coming to an end, but not our job. There’s still so much to do.

On Tuesday, the day was heavy. We did many activities. We went to a breakfast offered by team 5 and after enjoying and sharing, we performed with the supervision of teacher Andrea, a brainstorming section in which we synthesized our solution objectively in a sentence, and the groups contributed ideas, solutions and improvements.

After this moment in the morning, we left for lunch and quickly reviewed the brainstorming results to see what we could improve on our services and solutions to the challenges. After that, all groups presented in a new section.

The new section this afternoon, marked the day of work, because it was very gratifying to the teams. Mainly related to the human side. Led by Andrea, the teams were able to give feedback and feedback to the session, helping each other share ideas and growing professionally and personally. We liked a lot to help and contribute with each other.

On Wednesday, another day of hard work. In the morning, we had a section with Catalina that asked us a lot about our solution, which made us consider new ideas.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-23 at 10.08.38

In addition, the same afternoon, we had classes with Constanza, which guided us again on how to present ideas and make presentations with good performance in communication. After that, Constanza helped us personally in a section, which was possible to make clear, our insights. All the feedback made the idea better, making us plan a new protocol for field research about the approach of retirement and usability of our solution.


On Thursday we did not go to work at the Dome or San Joaquin. But the activities did not stop! On Thursday, we began to apply the protocol of field research developed on Wednesday, related to the interest of the people for the solution we are developing. We did more than 20 interviews in only half a day of work, working in pairs.

On Friday, we worked on an analysis of the interviews conducted on the protocol applied on Thursday and discussed the insights gained as a result.

After that, we learned more about StoryBoard in a meet, a tool used by film artists, to help with the projection and graphic language of your ideas, emotions and concepts in movies and so on. Another great tool that contributes to the development of the project and the life of the students.

We follow giving our best! In all activities, all members of the group have learned and trained their personal and team skills. More than the social role that the LaPassion project has, this experience is unique and has been very important for the life of the participants. 

See you!


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