week 8 of Gonza

Hello again people

This week began on Tuesday because Monday was a national holiday, Naval Glory Day, so it was a shorter week.
On Wednesday at breakfast we brainstormed collectively, among all the groups, this gave us a new look at our project and we managed to consider new points of view to improve the proposal.

After that, we had a refund with coni, from which we decided to do new research on what people think about retirement, and whether it affects them in a way that might cause them anxiety.

We are already in the last part of the project, we are 10 days away from the end of the project, about to finish and to concretize all the work done in the last two months.

You have already spent 60 days in Santiago, you have already spent more than half a scholarship in this tremendous place, you have already spent 60 days in which I shared and met all these people, you have already spent 60 days in which I got used to this new life.

At times you fall into the reality that what you are experiencing is not an everyday thing, you see yourself as the character of a third-person video game that you control with the joystick with the aim of going through that fictitious city where millions of things happen and where everything is new, until at one point you start to think and look back on everything that has gone through and you reach today, and you can’t believe that this character is you, in this present and in this reality.

I still find it incredible this experience that I am living, to realize how enriching it is for the professional and human side of my life, to be in class and interact with Brazilian, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish and Chilean people, to learn about their culture, customs and language.

In a few days I have to go back to the flat, for the moment it seems that there is a lot of time left, for the moment it seems that I have to travel tomorrow, I don’t know, the only thing that I have to do to be able to deliver the project in time and form and I know that we are going to achieve it.

That’s all for this week, greetings.

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