My week on LAPASSION start on wednesday (because mondays was a festive national day and tuesday i have all day classes in Duoc 😦 ), being in the dome with my guys team we discuss about the final details of our project and Coni helped us to organize the information and ideas. It was perfect, because we had a lot of information and she clarify all, so we concrete finally our GAP!!! that was RETIREMENT ANXIETY before leave the job, then we iterate again on thursday and did some interviews about the retirement and stuffs of our solution. My interviewees laughed a lot for the questions that i did, they don’t wan’t to get there yet, but they responded me that its a part of life… and they want to travel and enjoy their period, later with the team, we talked about the insights of the interviews and almost all the interviewees said that they want to do activities but there’s no information sometimes, do funny and learn about things that they don’t know, they emphasize that the platform that we are doing, it not has to remember that the retirement comes but it has to be a support tool for that stage.

So, they aproved our solution and we are working to better the steps and the things that compouse the platform. We are very happy to come to this part of the project and that our solution can help many generations to come.




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