It was a interesting week, on Monday, we organize the steps of the app and make a lot of changes, but finally, we tested and the operation of the app was approved :).

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-28 at 19.38.42

To contextualize our solution: we want to create a platform that shows activities to elders, aiming to create in them a habit of social engagement before retirement, so as not to lose their work connections and make new ones, so it works with help of the municipalities and workshops that upload some activities and the elder or the almost retired can join and go to have a great time. The activities are paid for, so to the people that don’t have money to spend in this stuffs can win some kind of scholarship depending on the platform’s goals achieved. Also the persons can send some suggestions to his municipality, see their profiles, calendars with activities and modify whatever they want about the workshops that they took.

33333.pngThis is how it works

This is how it looks

On wednesday we work on the poster and the final details of the presentation and thursday finally we present the last grand deliverable!!!! We receive a lot of congratulations (because our information it was more clear than the latest presentations and we added some stuffs of Coni) and some advice to the final final presentation next week. Now, we just have to wait for that day, while we fix everything we’ve been told.

I’m sooooo tired, it was a heavy semestre to me, but i’m sooooo happy level 1000!!! because i’m closing the final stage of my career in a very good way! I cannot wait to work on projects like this and take any opportunity to better all that i know. I finish this more mature step, with another perspective of me and the work in a team and i’m open to big changes! I loved meet new people, new cultures, work with interdisciplinary careers… it was a big challenge to me, but finally i love my team and i’ll really missed them soon.




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