The last week of Gonza

Hello PIPOL (people)!!!!!!!!!!

There came a moment that seemed not to come, a moment that at first seemed so far away, the moment of the presentation, of the farewell.

The countdown has begun. This is the last week of my stay in Chile, where my daily commitment to the project and my daily encounters with the team with whom I learned and spent so many moments end.

The reality is that this week we have managed to complete the work of the last two months. The week was very anxious, we knew that the delivery of the draft had to be done as if it were our final presentation, so the team worked hard to achieve that goal. Arrived on Thursday, the day of the presentation, the tutors gave us the refund, to our liking was very positive, so we feel proud of our work and we can give a closure to our project.



This experience has left me with many valuable things:

First of all, the most important thing for me was to meet the people who integrated this project, people with other customs, other languages and other ways of thinking, people full of life, desire and will to learn and improve, people who have left me many anecdotes and many teachings, and most importantly, have left me friends.

On the other hand, this project left me more reasons to continue developing in my profession, to continue travelling and to acquire knowledge, this experience contributes a lot to the human and professional side, it is inevitable to think about how enriching this interdisciplinary and intercultural contact was for me.

Finally, I believe that only those of us who feel and want to help others can participate and commit ourselves to the team to carry out this project. Teamwork is something I’m used to, but still today it surprises me and teaches me, working with people you don’t know means being very understandable with many things, but in reality, what is worth knowing is the commitment and desire of each one, things that characterize the values and personality of people; this time I have a nice team experience, most of us were people who dealt with our differences or problems by being direct and respectful, I liked that.

I want to highlight a fundamental part of the project; beyond innovation, opportunities and teamwork, these experiences allow us to impact people who are less interested in issues such as older people, I believe that this type of project allows us to open the minds of many people and create awareness.

Man lives from memories and the experiences he learns from them, therefore, I advise you to be part of experiences like this or similar because in my opinion, you will always get valuable things from them.

I’ll say goodbye here, all very nice, let’s do it again.

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