Week 9. Loreto

Hey hey, Loreto is here again!

Our last week….

So many feelings, so many moments with my team.

I will tell you how it was our week.

We start on Monday, planning what to do, changing the app, the presentation and the storytelling.

On Tuesday, we had a meeting with Renca municipality. They explain us some difficulties about the issue that we have.

On wednesday we work on the poster and the presentation because on Thursday we had our last grand deliverable.

I was so nervious that I almost cry when they were given the feedback.

I am so happy because Coni congrat our group!!!

I love you guys, we made it! 🙂


And because this week I want to make a little reflection about Lapassion proyect:
The aim of this proyect is to improve the soft skills of the participants.
In my personal experience I love the point that we are all from different parts of the world, so the intercultural atmosphere is increible.
But also that could be difficult sometimes, the language barrier, different studies, different objectives and opinions, but after that, it makes us grow as a more empatic and patient persons.
To build the project from 0, with people that you don’t know, that they start as being strangers, and little by little we became friends.
And I think this is the most important thing, to think about people, and to share with them moments and experiences that never come back.

As a student, I learn how to do a complete project from the beggining, with a methodology completely new for me, and I love it. I was openminded, always trying to learn from everybody and trying to give my help in every situation that I can.

So, Thank you for this opportunity that has change my life.

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