Week #9 by Hellen

Hello!!! I hope that all LAPASSION’s people are fine in this last week. I am happy for participate in this program because although I am in my country, I liked to observe to my classmates of other countries because they was happy with the university PUC, Duoc UC and Chile.  I saw myself in them like if I am in other country. I would like very much go to other country for study in the months of vacations or for a short time because I can not delay me in the career.

I remember the first day of the LAPASSION like if it was yesterday. That day I was very excited and motivate because this situation was new for me. I could talk to people of differents countries, the environment was vey nice!! That day I talked with each one of person of my team in the coffe break before to teachers announces the groups. It was a great coincidence.

Throughout the semester we met working in the project, in these months we had great moments and other with more stress. With time we improve. At first It was difficult work in group because every one have a different career with different methodology. In this theme I highlight that every one we learned things of others.

I take a great memory of my group two and beautifull memory of LAPASSION´s classmates . I wish that all LAPASSION´s classmates will have a happy life and they will can fulfill their dreams.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-10 at 10.17.03 PM

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